Role of Hormones


Why are hormones important?

There are three important sex hormones that play a crucial role in the physical and emotional wellbeing of both men and women.  Thus if you are deficient in any of them, you most likely will feel off balance and will exhibit symptoms that will affect your wellbeing.



Cardiovascular protection

Dementia protection

Improves mood, memory and sleep

Prevents bone loss

Decreases insulin resistance

Reduces the likelihood of macular degeneration







Balances estrogen

Protects nerve cells and brain function

Increases neurotransmitters that calm us

Protects the uterus and breasts

Helps with weight loss

Helps lower cholesterol

Helps eliminate fluid retention and bloating


Increases libido and sexual drive

Cardiovascular protection

Reduces cholesterol and triglycerides

Protects the brain

Improves sleep, mood and memory

Builds bone and muscle

Increases energy levels

Reduces risk of diabetes

Helps reduce migraine or menstrual headaches

Reduces aches, pains, and stiffness

Improves skin quality

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