Preventative Services


What services are offered at the wellness center?

Dr. Avi offers numerous wellness and preventive services that include diagnostic tools and overall health checks. These services include:

Undergoing these tests before you have noticeable symptoms can determine if you’re at risk of developing a chronic disease. Since all of these services are offered at the Center, results to some of these tests are often immediate, allowing Dr. Avi to formulate your treatment plan during the same visit.  Thus in one visit, you will get a clear picture of the state of your health and will be on your way to better and healthier living.  

Why is preventive care important?

One of the best ways to prevent infirmity from chronic disease is to catch it early or, better yet, stop it from occurring in the first place. It’s much easier to treat mild symptoms than it is to correct serious damage caused by chronic ailments including diabetes, heart, lung disease, or sleep disorders.

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